Extend System/Boot Volume on Windows Server 2008 R2

Just last week ago got the Virtual Machine (VM) from user that i will using it to do coding inside that machine. After all the last backup database and last source code download and trying to copy all those to that VM and found that C drive my VM already running out space.


Not hard to do expand the system currently, since Vista Windows Server 2008 extending the system/boot partition is as easy.

Here is the steps below :

  1. Start Disk Management Console: (diskmgmt.msc)


If you see on the picture above, i have 20 GB free Un-allocated space. With this i will added my C drive from 100 GB + 20 GB = 120 GB.

2. Right click on the C: partition and select Extend Volume


3. Press Next on the Extend Volumes Wizard page


4. If you see on the picture below, we have option selected Disk 0 = 20 Gb and Total volume size in megabytes (MB) if we convert all space it will be 122877. Because i really need that space so decide to take all and click Next to continue the process.


5. Confirm this action by pressing Finish button;


6. Now i already have 120 GB space, and no need to restart also the OS



Happy Sharepoint-Ing

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