Open XML SDK 2.0 For MS Office

I am now involving on the change request from my current client. One of they requests, the need too automatically update their word template which running on workflow SharePoint 2010. For this 1st request they need me to update the header information and put automatically auto-generated that taken from workflow then insert it to their MS Word document that included with in that workflow it self.

I am searching on the web and found 2 free components are : Open XML SDK which this already update into version 2.6 and the other component is Docx.  I decided to user the Open XML SDK because i saw will a lot probabilities that could be client with need one day and i think i could resolve it with this Open XML SDK, and the 2nd reason is OPEN XML SDK provide the GUI generator which this make us more easier on our coding development.

Currently, i have to use Open xml Sdk 2.0 because the currently environment still using .net 3.5 which SharePoint 2010 using it. When i tried download the Open XML SDK 2.6, when i reference the assembly it will automatically prompt you to change the solution to .net 4.0.

Now, the component already succeed on running on my SharePoint workflow and ready for testing by user and the deploy it to production server.

For those who read this blog and really like to find about that component, you can refer into this link and or just googling it will a lot you can find.

Happy Sharepoint-ing.





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