Create power BI reports for display data Corona Virus around the world using JSON data exposed by REST Service

Hi Folks,

Today 18 March 2020, we are around the world now struggling to defend and preventive for Corona Virus. I am from Indonesia, and we also in here also already have many case about that Virus, the number keep going, so now we decided to work from home and eliminate to meet people. I pray a lot about this, and hope soon there will be a antidote on this and we can run our activity again back to normal.

During my activities at home i found a very good rest api about data Corona virus in this link and i decided to use that api and display it into MS Power BI.

Why i choose Power BI, because i want show it on my Power BI Apps on my phone, and also share it to my organization through SharePoint Online 365.

Here as the screen shot about the report that i created :


I created 3 charts like we can see above, and all those connected. Let say i click on of country on the table the cursor will pointing to stack bar chart specific to one of country that i selected. And it also when i clicked on the stack bar chart on of the record, it also on the table chart it will be filter and show only the country that i clicked.

All those development on the Power BI, i did it no any custom code at all. All with click ans click and it free easy, i believe all the user will able to use and fun to do it.

About how to use the rest api as your datasource, i found really a good article about that I follow all the step, and then woallaa my Power BI Report completed.

Here is the link for the article :

Happy Sharepoint-ing.

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