Convert array to string with delimiter semicolon on MS Flow

Hi All,

In here i am gonna share about my lab on MS Flow or we can call it now is Power Automate on Office 365 Feature.

The scenario lab are :

  1. I have to get the collection email from one of my office 365 SharePoint groups
  2. Then after i got a collection which is that is a string of array.
  3. I do iteration for that array, then copy to my temporary string variable with plus i put semicolon (;) as delimiter
  4. After the iteration done,  i will have a variable that will contain all the email with semicolon as delimeter


Here a the step :

  1. I create a MS Flow from one of my SharePoint List then choose trigger when a new item created


2. Add new Instance  Send an HTTP Request to Sharepoint, then in here i have a Sharepoint Group with name “GA Members”


Put a Uri value _api/web/sitegroups/getbyname(‘GA Members’)/users?$select=email

3. I need to parse all xml data then parse into JSON format with schema as below.


4. I create a new Initialize  a string variable with name “Group”


5. Now i am ready to create loop function then inside on looping i copy each of email record then i do concat the email with “;”


the concat function itself like this :

6. Out side from looping, create a new function Compose
With this 6 step above actually my task is not done yet but we can do the test to make sure the value from variable Group already right formatted.
Click button “Test” at top right, then you can see the result like this picture below :
I will continue later after this,  like i  will send email notification to all GA Members and so on.
Happy Sharepoint-ing

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