Power Automate, Try Catch Block

When i was on develop Request Money workflow using Power Automate. You can read on this link : https://agustox21.wordpress.com/2020/07/17/solution-show-caserequest-money-goods-approval-using-office-365-power-apps-and-ms-automate/.

I was have a problem where there is data that sometimes appears and sometime not and i have to get the value for that.

At that time, i am struggle on data result from block Get Items to Sharepoint List on Power Automate. If field Manager or Manager 2 has value, then we can get the value from each of field. But if not, the data it will not shown so it is need to double check it because it will error if using the same function to get the value

I tried to find the validation script for that but until now still not find yet and then i found that Power Automate has block function about Try Catch then i decided to use it

Try, Catch, Finally blocks in the above template are nothing but scope controls


Here below is the use of scope in my Power Automate :

Try – The “Try” scope should contain all the actions from the main flow of the process.


Catch – The “Catch” scope is configured to run after “Try” block is failed. This is implemented using “Configure run after ” feature .



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