Install EspoCRM using aaPanel control panel on Ubuntu 18.04

EspoCRM is a web application that allows users to see, enter and evaluate all your company relationships regardless of the type. People, companies, projects or opportunities — all in an easy and intuitive interface.

The reason i choose this software because saw on their documentation the application look simple and very intutieve and also for the installation step it is very easy.

Currently my virtual server that i hosted on Infinys Cloud  has installed software aaPanel as my control panel and as well  easy to me to manage my virtual server and also the application is free. Since the Cpanel no longer free,  this is one you can try it.

Here are the screenshot installation as below :

  1.  When all the installation already set up, like PHP,  web server /Nginx, Mysql and so on. I try this on port 1000, since the default port already used with other application

So first installation you can open your browser and type like sample this http://xxx-domain-name:xx-Port/install.php. Once you open, the first page it will like this below and choose your languange needed and Click Start to proceed to next step



2.  Checked the “I accept the Agreement” and the Click Next



3. Then you will face it with this screen, and put all the information about the database. Make sure you already create the database first, and the click Next to Proceed.



4. This is information for login as Administrator for this Application



5. Setting the System settings



6. Settting the SMTP email


7. Installation Complete


It is very easy right ? 🙂 hehehehe.  I was very helped with this aaPanel as my control panel, because i didnt any touch ssh to remote and do some shell scripting as well. All i do from creating Web Server, Database, the website, and also deploy the application i did it within this web control, and also after that i also did some Cron job like backup site and database it is easy all within GUI.

Here the user interface, Espro when we already login.





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