Migrate from Outlook to G Suite using free tool GSMMO from Google

On the few this month we have some project to do around email migration. There are migration to Microsoft Office 365, and also migration to Gsuite. Our company at Infinys System Indonesia also as patner for Microsoft Office 365, and Google Gsuite, we also can help the client to do assestment and also migration your existing email to Microsoft Office 365 or Google Gsuite.

On this article, i want to share about one of the tool that we are using currently from import a backup email as pst files then using GSMMO (G Suite Migration for Microsoft Outloook) we are importing to selected user on Gsuite email.

To download the tool GSMMO you can download it in here https://tools.google.com/dlpage/gsmmo/ and the choose version 32 / 64 bit under DOWNLOAD .MSI FILE (RECOMMENDED FOR ADMINS).

Here are the step as below :

  1. Export email into as pst file
  2. Download the Gsmmo, then install on your machine.
  3. Once the instalation done, run the tools and then application will come up the sign in page. Enter the username Gsuite then click continue

4. Then will go to Sign tool confirmation like the picture as below, then click button Next

5. Once the sign in confirmation done, then we can choose the pst file that we already prepared. On this dialog, we choose From PST File(s) then browse the PST on your machine, the you can choose option Migrate all data or Migrate only new data. Then you can click button Next to continue

6. After you click Next, now we have to choose which data that we want to import it. There many option on screen as below, like import Calendar, Contact, Email Messages. Once you already picked, click button Migrate

7. Once we already click button Migrate, then migration will start base on the selection data that we are want to migrate.

8. Migration completed.

After the migration completed, you can check the log on the Migration log file, and if need to migrate again you can click button Start New Migration.

9. Now we can check on the Gsuite email, and see all the result from import that we already done it.

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