Microsoft Power Platform

What is Power Platform actually ?

Power Platform is a low code platform offering provided from Microsoft which spans Office 365, Azure, Dynamics 365 and standalone applications.

So if you see the text above about low code, then that means a lot of features are offered on this Power Platform and we don’t have to struggle with code like regular custom code and of course it’s fast to build, deploy and also delivery to our end user / customer. That is seem promising right ? hehehe 🙂

Currently Power Platform is comprised of 4 (four) key products and we can see on this diagram as below :

The 4 (Four) key products are :

  1. Power Apps
    Focusing on provides a rapid low code development for building apps for business needs. If you have an experience with Infopath on Sharepoint Platform before. Power Apps also give us the easiest development like Infopath dan simple interface so that very busines user / pro developer can build custom apps.
    Power Apps also have a lot connector to many source, so it will bring a lot of idea to build a application on top of that.
  2. Power Automate
    If Power Apps focus on Apps or front end area, so Power Automate it will more focus on the back end automation like Workflow beetween application and services. It helps automate repetitive business processes such as communication, data collections, and decision approvals.
    Same like Power Apps, Power Automate provides have a lot connector to many source, so it will bring a lot thing to us to create connection to all environtment that we had.
  3. Power BI (Business Intelligence)
    is a business analytics service that delivers insights for analyzing data. It can share those insights through data visualizations which make up reports and dashboards to enable fast, informed decisions. Power BI scales across an organization, and it has built-in governance and security allowing businesses to focus on using data more than managing it.
  4. Power Virtual Agents
    Enables anyone to create powerful chatbots using a guided, no-code graphical interface, without the need for data scientists or developers. Power Virtual Agents enables anyone to create powerful chatbots using a guided, no-code graphical interface, without the need for data scientists or developers

Among the programs listed above, there are cross cutting features which enable the Power Platform to be leveraged to its full potential. Some of these are:

  1. Connector
    There are more than 275 connectors for the Power Platform, enabling all of your data and actions to connect cohesively. Examples of popular connectors include Salesforce, Office 365, Twitter, Dropbox, Google services,we also can connect to our API that we can call it as custom connector, and more.
  2. Common Data Service (CDS) that now renamed as Microsoft Dataverse
    is a scalable data service and app platform which lets users securely store and manage data from multiple sources and integrate that data in business applications using a common data model to ensure ease and consistency to users
  3. AI Builder
    Allows us easily add intelligence to your workflows and apps and predict outcomes to help improve business performance without writing code

Before this article, i did some articles already posted about features of Power Platform. Here a below the links and hope can bring you the idea what you can gonna do this for your customers / your end users.

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