Configure User Profile Service Application and My Site in SharePoint 2019

A. Create User Profile Sync for Active Directory for User AD Syncronization

Example the user account is spSyncConn

  1. Create a user on your Active Directory for User AD Syncronication, let say spSyncConn
  2. The synchronization account must have Replicate Directory Changes permissions at the root of the forest.

B. Configure Synchronization Connections

  • Open Central Admin
  • Click Application Management
  • Navigate to Manage Service Application >> User Profile Service Application
  • Uder Synchronization >> click Configure Synchronization Connection
  • On the Synchronization Connection page >> click on Create New connection

Fill the fields with your environment and/or business needs

  • Click button Populate Container to List all the structure of yor active directory
  • Checked all those that you want to sync it or click all to syncronize all
  • Then Click button OK to save the configuration

C. Create MySite Host

  • Open Central Adminstration
  • Click Create site Collection
  • Fill in up all the information and choose My Site Host as template

  • Fill in the Primary Site Collection Administrator and Secondary as well
  • Choose quota template
  • Click button OK to save the configuration

D. Create My Site Managed Path

We will need to create a Managed Path for the My Site. Let’s use the path “/sites/MySite/Personal” for this purpose. If it is not created already, we can create it going to the Central Administration ->Manage Web Applications -> Managed Paths

In the new Managed Path creation page, add the intended Managed path(“/sites/MySite/Personal”). Specify the type as Wildcard Inclusion and click on OK.

D. Configure My Site

  •  User Profile Service Application from Application Management -> Manage Service Applications .
  • It will open up the User Profile Service Application page. From there, select ‘Setup My Sites’.
  • In the My Site Host section, specify the Site Collection URL for the My Site Host we had created earlier.
  • Under Personal Site Location, specify the Managed Path for the My Site that we had created earlier.

E. Configure Self Service Site Creation

So, one added benefit of My Site is that it enables users to create Site Collections from the My Site Page. We can enable it from Manage Web Applications -> Self Service Site Creation.


Happy Sharepoint-ing

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